I'm The Wo-Man

I made it.
I finished my last level II fieldwork.
 I have fun things to write about starting next week. I will be in Southern California from Sunday to Wednesday. Then be ready for the post-ocalypse (not exactly accurate, but I was pretty proud for coming up with that...).

This is how I feel. #pufferfamilysong

I'm the mother freakin' WOMAN!

Holy crap! I'm done......

Trying To Get Some Perspective

God never puts a person in a place too small to grow or too unimportant to make a difference.

I am trying really hard to believe this right now.

I am still alive.

Happy Friday.

 I'll be talking to you in about two weeks.

That Post About Nothing

I promise you I still consider myself a blogger. I am about to start my fieldwork week 10 of 12 on Monday. I will be back with a ridiculous amount of posts and pictures soon soon soon.